VIP International Dental Service

International Dental Service

We offer international dental service. We take care of the oral health of national and international clients: Spanish, Russian, English, and German.

soivip - Innovación odontológica - equipamiento de avanzada

Dental innovation

Our dental clinic has advanced technology equipment, tools and materials as we remain at the forefront of dental technology.

Painless dental treatments

We use the technique known as "conscious sedation", a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen, also known as "laughing gas".

Fast and effective attention

We will assist you quickly, you will not have to face a long wait to be treated efficiently by our dental professionals.


Nuestro equipo de especialistas en odontología

Dr. Juan Hernández

Cirujano Dental

Especialista en cirugía dental y endodoncia con más de 30 años de experiencia

Dr. Carlos Méndez

Odontólogo Maxilar

Especialista en odontología, endodoncia, ortodoncia e implantología

Lcda. Carmen Arango


Con más de 15 años de experiencia en el área de la odontología

Lcdo. Carlos González


Con más de 15 años de experiencia en el área de la odontología

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Specialized dental treatments

We offer comprehensive dental services, including preventive, cosmetic, and restorative care.

Blanqueamiento dental - SOIVIP

Teeth Whitening

With our teeth whitening techniques, our patients get bright white smiles.

Carillas Dentales Personalizadas SOIVIP

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers change the appearance of broken, deformed or stained teeth.

Control preventivo bucodental - SOIVIP

Preventative control

Our preventative control includes advice on oral hygiene, cleaning, check-ups and treatments.

Elevación del Seno Maxilar - SOIVIP

Maxillary sinus lift

When required, we increase the amount of bone in the posterior maxilla to place implants.

Endodoncia - SOIVIP - Málaga


Treatment used when the tooth is fractured, with deep cavities or to heal lesions in the pulp tissue.

Dental Aesthetics

We have a complete variety of cosmetic dental treatments: teeth whitening, veneers, orthodontics.

Implantes Dentales - SOIVIP

Dentl Implants

We replace missing teeth and restore smiles with up-to-now dental implants.

Incrustaciones dentales - SOIVIP


We repair posterior teeth almost invisibly. Patients get a healthy and natural smile.

Ortodoncia - SOIVIP - Marbella


Our orthodontists correct malposition of the dentomaxillary structures in both children and adults.

Sedación Consciente - SOIVIP

Conscious sedation

All of our dental treatments are painless. Our patients feel calm and relaxed.

Dental services

Dental Prevention

In our international dental centre located in Marbella, we make sure to teach our patients the necessary dental hygiene rules to avoid future oral damage such as cavities, orthodontics, root canals or dental implants, among others.

We explain healthy dental hygiene habits and the importance of going to the dentist at least once a year.


Aware of the importance of dental health, our emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of an emergency, you will be assisted by an expert and highly specialized professional.

At SOIVIP you will find dental technicians willing to solve any dental emergency situation that may arise.

Teeth in 1 hour

At SOIVIP we have the cutting-edge dental technology that your mouth deserves. In our facilities we have 3D technology and our own laboratory so we manufacture implants, inlays and other materials necessary to offer you quality dental treatments quickly and efficiently.

All dental services in one place.

Professionals in Dentistry


High-level dental professionals

Our Team

SOIVIP's team is made up of professionals with extensive professional experience and highly specialized in different areas of dentistry. They are highly prestigious professionals with proven experience. At his side, hygienists, laboratory technicians and receptionists complement the talented team of our dental clinic in Marbella.


We are constantly training and updated with the latest techniques and trends, thus providing the excellent dental service that our clients expect and desire. We continuously participate in professional training plans both in oral health treatments and in professional and personal improvement.

Personalized Treatment

The entire team at SOIVIP is focused on providing a personalized dental experience, designing customized dental plans and making the stay of patients in our dental clinic comfortable, safe and pleasant. There is nothing we like more than seeing a patient's happy and healthy smile!

VIP International Dental Service


Comfortable facilities

We want your stay at our international dental centre to be comfortable and safe.


Free parking near the clinic. Your car will be safe and protected.

Privileged Member

You will enjoy excellent benefits, discounts and advantages by having the SOIVIP Privileged Member card.


The insurance associated with our international clinic in Marbella are:


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