Dental Clinic located in Marbella.

We offer all kinds of dental services.

Cosmetic and family dentistry.

Dental centre in Marbella


We are an international category dental clinic located in Marbella that offers all kinds of dental services.

We use advanced technology and we have highly trained and reputable professionals.

We are known for providing excellent services to our distinguished clientele, whom we serve in a personalized and exclusive way.

We take care of the oral health of national and international clients: Spanish, Russian, English, German, among others.

We explain healthy dental hygiene habits and the importance of going to the dentist at least once a year.

Experience and competence in preventive dentistry
Experience and competence in dental surgery
Experience and competence in dental aesthetics

Why do we do what we do?


Provide optimal oral health to our distinguished clients and achieve their full satisfaction. To achieve this, we focus on offering a superior quality, innovative, 100% personalized dental service, with high-tech equipment, with the best brands in the market and directed by dental professionals with a high level of training, extensive experience, prestige and updated with the last trends. In addition, we offer comfortable, modern, safe, hygienic and high-quality facilities.

Where are we going?


To be recognized as a comprehensive dental benchmark in Spain thanks to the quality of all the services we offer, technological level and humane treatment. For this reason, we strive to stay updated, aware and in constant professional and personal growth.

What represents us and guides us


Exclusive and respectful treatment towards each of our clients.

Quality and excellence in each of the actions we carry out in order to achieve full customer satisfaction.

Professionalism demonstrated in our actions based on scientific rigor.

Responsibility that we assume for each of the decisions and actions that we execute.

Innovation to offer our customers the most advanced equipment, the most innovative materials and the safest and most efficient techniques.

Constant training, based on research and optimal learning to offer our clients the latest scientific advances and developments.

Trust and honesty, establishing lasting relationships, based on personalized and individualized treatment, since the trust that the client places in us is our most precious asset.

Empathy and active listening with a close attitude, understanding the needs of each of our clients to achieve their full satisfaction.

Sense of belonging, we are proud of working at SOIVIP, of all the people who work in the dental clinic and of the work we do.

Professionals committed to oral health


Our select team of professionals is made up of specialists in dentistry and implantology, oral hygienists and assistants with extensive experience and proven professional experience. They have the professional level, academic studies and personal values that our clients require and deserve. All the members of SOIVIP’s team actively participate in professional training and updating plans, both in oral health treatments and in professional and personal improvement.

The team at SOIVIP is focused on providing a personalized dental experience, designing customized dental plans and making the stay of clients in our dental clinic comfortable and pleasant.


Nuestro equipo de especialistas en odontología

Dr. Juan Hernández

Cirujano Dental

Especialista en cirugía dental y endodoncia con más de 30 años de experiencia.

Dr. Carlos Méndez

Odontólogo Maxilar

Especialista en odontología, endodoncia, ortodoncia e implantología.

Lcda. Carmen Arango


Con más de 15 años de experiencia en el área de la odontología.

Lcdo. Carlos González


Con más de 15 años de experiencia en el área de la odontología.



st / Marqués del Duero 67, 1º A in San Pedro Alcántara, Marbella, Spain.



+34 952 788 072


+34 664 525 067

Opening Times

Monday to Friday
10 a 14h / 16 a 20h


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