Necessary when there are fractures, deep caries or lesions in the pulp tissue.

General information

Endodontics is an oral treatment that is used when the tooth is fractured or when it has deep cavities. It is also used to heal lesions in the pulp tissue.

When a cavity is deep and near the nerve, it is very painful. Many times, when the patient feels pain, it is due to this type of cavities and the solution is not a simple filling process. Then, you have to resort to root canal treatment or remove the tooth.

The endodontic procedure that we use at SOIVIP is completely painless and effective. In our dental clinic we use up-to-date techniques and mechanical root repair systems. With our system, we ensure a more precise and uniform repair of the tooth. In addition, we use the dental sedation method to relax our patients.

What is endodontics?

The root canal or endodontic treatment consists of partially or totally removing the dental pulp (nerve-artery-vein).

Nerves that are inside teeth that have suffered trauma, repeated infections or have pulp inflammation, become more susceptible causing pain and affecting daily life. By eliminating those nerves and the surrounding structures, pain is eliminated.

The total procedure can last from 2 to 3 sessions, depending on the characteristics of the tooth to be repaired. At the end of the root canal treatment, the tooth is restored, which will be preserved for as long as one that has not needed endodontics.

It is important to note that the tooth is still healthy and vital and it is not true that the tooth dies. In fact, the surrounding tissues of the root continue to be healthy so they continue to nourish it.

The patient may feel mild discomfort for a few days but they will disappear over the days.

Take advantage of our modern endodontic treatment!
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Endodontic benefits

  • Pain relief
  • The loss of the tooth is avoided
  • Improves the ability to chew
  • Maintains aesthetic oral appearance
  • Extends the life of the tooth



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