Treatment necessary to place implants when there is bone loss.

General information

Therapy with dental implants in the posterior maxilla (upper jaw bone) has led to the development of new techniques for lifting the deficient or low bone density maxillary sinus.

When teeth fall out, bone loss occurs over time. When the load bearing function for which the bone was designed is lost, the bone is reabsorbed. Consequently, the amount of bone available for the specialist to place dental implants decreases.

What is maxillary sinus lift?

Maxillary sinus lift is a surgical procedure that aims to increase the amount of bone in the posterior maxilla. Specifically, augmentation is performed in the area of the premolar and molar teeth by lifting the lower Schneiderian membrane (sinus membrane) and placing a bone graft.

When a tooth is lost, the socket collapses as it heals, leaving an edentulous (toothless) area called the ridge. As a result, bone loss occurs in both the height and width of the surrounding bone. In other words, there is a loss in the volume of bone that is required for the placement of dental implants.

In summary, the objective of this procedure is that more bone available to support a dental implant.

The maxillary sinus lift procedure is painless thanks to the combination of two important factors: our conscious sedation method and the experience of our expert dentists.

How is the surgical procedure?

It is a simple and painless process

First, a small cut is made in the gum to obtain a flap. The bone is then drilled into the sinus membrane. The membrane is then separated from the bone and gently lifted, obtaining a cavity into which the bone graft or filling material is inserted.

Finally, the graft is fixed using a membrane and finally the flap is sutured.

How long do you have to wait to place the implants?

The time depends on each patient. You have to wait for the graft to mature and the specialist will suggest the date depending on the individual characteristics of the patient.

At SOIVIP we are specialists with proven experience in maxillary sinus lift. If you are interested, book your appointment online or contact us and we will gladly assist you and answer all your questions.

Maxillary sinus lift benefits

  • Allows the safe placement of future dental implants
  • It is a simple and fast surgical procedure
  • Once the implants are placed, the quality of life of the patient will improve



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