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Conscious sedation is the answer for those patients who are afraid to sit in the dentist’s chair. For example: surveys indicate that 70% of Spaniards are afraid to go to the dentist and 10% do not go because of the feeling of panic it produces.

Fortunately, at SOIVIP we use the conscious sedation procedure, ensuring that our patients obtain complete relaxation while undergoing dental treatment.

The system we use is nitrous oxide as a calming agent. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, calms, and relaxes patients who have anxiety. In addition, the dentist can do his work more comfortably and safely.

This method is excellent in long-term treatments in which the patient must sit for a long time in the same position. For example, when dental implants and cosmetic treatments are performed, the patient is relaxed and the dentist works comfortably.

All of our dentists are qualified to work the conscious dental sedation technique.

At SOIVIP we have conscious dental sedation equipment recognized in Spain and Europe. They are equipment based on the latest dental technologies, current and safe. They have an automatic safety system to stop in the event that oxygen does not come out in the correct amounts.

What is conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation is a form of inhalation sedation in which the patient remains awake but remains relaxed during treatment. Generally, the patient will remember the entire procedure when it is finished.

The sedation process is performed with nitrous oxide or laughing gas which acts as an anxiolytic sedative agent, that is, it is a mild level of sedation that relieves anxiety and allows the patient to relax.

With the use of oral sedatives, the patient remembers little or nothing of their treatment, which makes many people think that they were asleep.

It is important to note that conscious sedation does not eliminate pain. The dentist will administer an injection with a local anesthetic to ensure that the procedure is completely painless.

How does nitrous oxide N2O sedation work?

During dental treatment, the dentist supplies nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen through a small mask that is placed over the nose. The patient then continues to breathe as they normally would. Our specialists will monitor the precise level of nitrous oxide received during treatment, adjusting it to meet the specific needs of each patient.

The gas takes effect after a few minutes. The patient will feel relaxed, floating, with a sensation of weightlessness. However, you will be aware and able to converse at all times.

When the dentist gives you the injection with the anesthesia, your sensitivity will have decreased so you will not feel pain.

Nitrous oxide clears the body quickly after the procedure is complete. In fact, it is the only form of sedation that allows the patient to return to normal activities, including work, immediately after finishing treatment. Traditional and heavier forms of sedation often require that the patient rest for the remainder of the day and must arrange for a friend or family member to transport them.

Inhaled gas is non-toxic, colorless, non-flammable, and has a mild odor, and sweetened taste.

If dental phobia has prevented you from receiving the care you want and need, you can contact us and we will explain in detail the benefits of nitrous oxide sedation.

Conscious sedation benefits in dental treatments:

  • The patient receives dental treatment with greater comfort, tranquility and safety.
  • Highly safe technique.
  • Immediate recovery.
  • No side effects.
  • Better pain control after the intervention.
  • The surgeon can better treat his patient.



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